Field Trips to GEECe:

The Grassland Environmental Education Center is available for tours by appointment with limited seasonal closures. Visiting school groups hike into the wetlands maintained by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at the Los Banos Wildlife Area. Students share this unique opportunity in the exploration and investigation of our valley wetland’s native plants and wildlife. Our intrepid explorers continue their research indoors with a series of grade-level activities based on Common Core, the Next Generation Science Standards and Education in the Environment Initiative. GEECe’s activities serve to inform our students of the valuable natural resources of people, water, land and wildlife that is a part of our history and heritage.

Grade K

Grade 1

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Grade 8

Grade 9-12

Animal Tracks – Students follow a key in identifying characteristics of animal tracks to help categorize and name the individual species. If time permits, they can assist in increasing GEECe’s collection of plaster cast creatures.

Plant Identification – Students will use a Wetland Plant Identification Guide to assist them in identifying plants found in a wetland.

Pond Critters – Looking for invertebrates in the pond. Students will have a chance to view them in 2-way microscopes to assist them in identifying what they are.

Do You Dig Wetland Soil? – Students discover the physical qualities of soil and why biologists compare wetland soil to a sponge. Students will also be introduced into different soil levels in a wetland.

Sample schedule –
8:30am 9:30am arrival time and brief introduction
9:30am - 11:00am 1st set of indoor or outdoor activities
11:00am - 11:30am lunch
11:30 - 1:00 2nd set of indoor or outdoor activities

School Presentations:
Would you like to reinforce something your students are studying in class, but the district budget doesn’t have the funds for your students to come to GEECe? GEECe can come to you! Call for an appointment. (209) 704-4772

Teacher/Training Workshops:
GEECe can provide educators, parents and community members with education on water and the habitats in this area. Both Project WET and WOW! have background information, curriculum, and activity guides to make learning about science both interesting and fun. The curriculum and activity guides have been correlated to national and California state standards for most subjects.

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)
Interdisciplinary, hands-on activities to educate about water.

WOW!: The Wonders of Wetlands
Interdisciplinary, hands-on activities to educate about U.S. wetland habitats.