GWD board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m.

Pepper Snyder - Sprig Haven Farms Duck Club

Pepper Snyder was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1942. He moved with his family to the San Francisco Bay Area in California when he was 4 years old. He graduated from Campbell High School in 1960. He is an avid sportsman and conservationalist and has hunted in the Grasslands since the age of 15.

Mr. Snyder has been a landowner in the Grassland Water District since 1980 when he and his business partner purchased the Clear Lake Land and Cattle Duck Club. He was elected to the Grassland Resource Conservation District Board of Directors in November 1984. He served on that board until 1985. Mr. Snyder was elected to the Grassland Water District Board of Directors in November 1985, and has served as president since December 1987.

In Addition, Mr. Snyder has served as a director of the California Waterfowl Acssociation (CWA) from 1987 to present. He received CWA's A. Starker Leopold Award in March 1997, for his work and dedication in defending the Grassland Wetlands from losses to urban intrusion for nearly two decades.

Mr. Snyder and his wife Sherri reside in Los Banos, California and together have 4 grown children.

Douglas Federighi - Gustine Land & Cattle Duck Club

Douglas Federighi was born in Oakland, California in 1942 and has lived, with minor exception in the San Francisco Bay Area all his life. He graduated from Stanford University with a degree in business and political science in 1963, where he met and married his wife, Carol, now a practicing attorney in Alameda County. They have two grown sons.

Mr. Federighi, always an avid outdoorsman, first started waterfowling in the mid 1960's in the Suisun Marsh in the San Francisco Bay Area. His waterfowling interests moved to the Grasslands in the San Joaquin Valley with his purchase of a duck club interest in the Gustine Land & Cattle Co. in 1979. Mr. Federighi is a life member and served many years on the executive committee in the California Waterfowl Association. He is also a Sponsor in Prepetuity of Ducks Unlimited and currently serves on DU's national Conservation Programs Committee and their related Public Policy Subcommittee. He became a member of the Grassland Water District's Board of Directors in July, 1998 culminating his years of participation in promoting solutions to the habitat and environmental issues affecting his beloved Grasslands.

Tom Mackey - Riverfield Duck Club

Tom has been an incumbent Director since 1999 and represents the Riverfield Land & Cattle Company. He also serves on the Wildlife Management Committee, Water Management Committee, Drainage Committee, and Annexation Committee. Tom is also a Life Member of the California Waterfowl Association, Member of Ducks unlimited, member of Delta Waterfowl, and a Member of Quail Unlimitied.

"As an avid sportsman I believe in protecting from encroachment the boundaries of the Grasslands while remaining sensitive to the pressure of development in our District. I support land policies that would create easements on adjacent agricultural lands to buffer Grasslands from future development. Additionally I embrace opportunities that support increasing access to more water and land resources.

Forty-five years in the construction industry has helped me focus on the streamlining of our field operations toward increased efficiency and service to our customers. I will continue to focus my efforts toward this direction."

Bob Nardi - Hollister Land & Cattle and Willow Farms

Bob Nardi started hunting with his father in the Grasslands at the age of 10. He graduated from high school in 1982 and started a landscaping business in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1990, he bought the San Rafael Duck Club and was spending so much time there, he decided to live on the club and commute 180 miles a day to his business. He married his wife, Rebecca, in 1997 and has since moved back to the Bay Area.

Mr. Nardi served 2 years as a director on the Grassland Resource Conservation District Board, before being elected to the Grassland Water District Board of Directors in November 1995. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the California Waterfowl Association.

Mr. Nardi still spends most of his time working with private landowners in the development and management of their lands through his second business - Wetland Concepts. The countless hours Bob spends to protect and enhance the Grasslands is his way of giving something back to a resource that has given him so much enjoyment over the last 25 years.

Byron Hisey - Hollister Land & Cattle

Retired from Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office in 2000. An avid hunter since 1968, Byron is currently a member and President of the Hollister Gun Club and Regional Director for the California Waterfowl Association. Byron and his family moved from Benicia, CA in 2000 and currently reside in Newman, CA.