Grassland Water District

The Grassland Water District (District) is a California Water District formed under Section 34000 of the State Water Code. The District is approximately 51,537 acres in size with the majority of this land in wetland habitat. The District’s primary function is the delivery of water to the landowners within its boundaries. The canal system for carrying out water deliveries is approximately 110 miles in length and is operated and maintained by the District.

The board of directors of the Grassland Water District is proud of what the District has achieved over its fifty-year history, and particularly, its success in securing and managing a long-term water supply to preserve and enhance one of the nation’s most valuable wildlife resource areas. The private landowners and sportsmen within the Grasslands, working with the District and other public agencies, have been responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the largest remaining freshwater marsh habitat on the Pacific Flyway.

The District was also instrumental in the development of the Grassland Environmental Education Center (GEECe), which began offering programs, at no cost to schools, for elementary and secondary school students in the spring of 1994. Thousands of students have visited GEECe to learn about wetlands, wildlife, and open-space, and the roles that the hunting community and the agricultural community play in preserving them.