Overview & Reasoning

Groundwater provides a significant portion of California’s water supply. Groundwater accounts for more than one-third of the water used by Californians in an average year and more than one-half of the water used by Californians throughout the state in a drought year when other sources are unavailable. When properly managed, groundwater resources will help protect communities, farms, and the environment against prolonged dry periods and climate change, preserving water supplies for existing and potential beneficial use across California.


GRCD Boundaries

The Grassland GSA is Located in Merced County and overly the Delta-Mendota Subbasin of the San Joaquin Valley Groundwater Basin (“Subbasin”). The boundaries of the Grassland GSA shall encompass the portion of the Delta-Mendota Subbasin that lies within the combined service area boundaries of the Grassland Water District and Grassland Resource Conservation District, not including approximately 238 acres within the GRCD identified which lie within the boundary of the City of Los Banos. Both metered pumps and monitoring wells are being utilized in order to ensure the quality and the longevity within the Grassland GSA.