Tom Mackey – Riverfield Duck Club

Tom has been an incumbent Director since 1999 and represents the Riverfield Land & Cattle Company. He also serves on the Wildlife Management Committee, Water Management Committee, Drainage Committee, and Annexation Committee. Tom is also a Life Member of the California Waterfowl Association, Member of Ducks unlimited, member of Delta Waterfowl, and a Member of Quail Unlimitied.

“As an avid sportsman I believe in protecting from encroachment the boundaries of the Grasslands while remaining sensitive to the pressure of development in our District. I support land policies that would create easements on adjacent agricultural lands to buffer Grasslands from future development. Additionally I embrace opportunities that support increasing access to more water and land resources.

Forty-five years in the construction industry has helped me focus on the streamlining of our field operations toward increased efficiency and service to our customers. I will continue to focus my efforts toward this direction.”