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The mission of the Grassland Environmental Education Center is to increase awareness and appreciation of wetlands, while recognizing the integral role played by agricultural and sporting interests in establishing and maintaining habitat for wildlife. Students visiting GEECe leave with a better understanding of the connection between the various elements that have worked together to make the center a reality- including farmers, hunters, politicians, the business community, educators, and environmental conservationists. Through participation in curriculum activities, exploring resource materials on-site, and personal observations, visitors learn how human and economic interests can be preserved while still protecting the environment.
GEECe Objectives:
Increase awareness of the positive connections between agriculture, sportsmen, and wildlife interests.
Examine the impact of human decisions on maintaining a high quality of life for both people and wildlife.
Integrate diverse fields of study such as art, science, and literature in order to create a broad educational
Provide tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and skills to help sustain our agricultural and wildlife

The grassland Environmental Education Center is available for tours by prior reservation only from November 1 through May 31. Visiting school groups hike into the wetlands maintained by Morning Star Packing Co., where they explore the fascinating plants, animals, and habitats found on site. Our new field scientists then return to the GEECe facility for further investigations – dissecting owl pellets or analyzing water samples in the lab, playing games that illustrate how farmers and hunters benefit wildlife, experiencing the wacky world of Paul Parkranger through our multimedia computer, or participating in activities that reinforce their understanding of resource conservation.

GEECe Supporters
California Association of Resource Conservation Districts
California Natural Resource Federation
Grassland Resource Conservation District
GrasslandWater District
The California Resources Agency
California Waterfowl Association
Ducks Unlimited
National Audubon Society
The Natural Conservancy
Morning Star Packing Co.
Merced County Farm Bureau
California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
California Department of Fish and Game
California Department of Parks and Recreation
Los Banos Unified School District
San Joaquin County Office of Education
Merced County Office of Education
Merced County Board of Supervisors
and Others

For More Information, contact
Candace Sigmond, Education Coordinator,
Grassland Environmental Education Center, 209.704.4772


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